torsdag den 12. juli 2012


It all started a couple of months ago, when I went shopping with my good friend Pil. That was when I saw them; the perfect pair of heels, from Billi Bi. The kind of heels I had been looking for, for years, just standing there in the shop, being pretty and perfect. The price wasn't as perfect though - 1200 dkk. I guess that's not that much for a pair of perfect heels, but as said before on the blog, I'm not really a shoe kind of person, so I couldn't get myself to use that kind of money on a pair of heels. So I let them go, hoping that I might find them on sale or something later on.

Fate would be, that the shoestore Carla F were having an outlet sale, and I went there in the hopes of finding the shoes. I didn't - but I did find some that looked like them, and after a lot of thinking, I decided to buy the other pair. They were kind of almost the same, and I would probably never find my dreamshoe on sale anyway, so I settled.

But the other shoes kept hunting me, and just the other day, I went by the shop to take a look at them again. And there they were - the last pair, in my size, and for only 600 dkk! I was happier than happy, but this also means I now have two pairs of almost the exact same shoe. So, to end my tiny (and maybe a bit boring) story, here's a picture of the other pair:

Quite a lot like my new ones, and at the same time not at all. I guess I now understand why women often tend to have so many shoes.

P.s. If you like the ones I have in spare now, go to my Trendsales, where I am selling them for a very small amount of their original price! Sorry if that made me sound like some idiotic indian salesman.

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