tirsdag den 25. september 2012


Bill Viola is one of my favourite artists. His work consists of videos, mainly dealing with central spiritual themes in human life, such as birth, death and love. I love how he symbolizes all of these things by mixing in natural elements such as fire and water, and his work is some of the most beautiful art I have seen. I saw him for the first time a long time ago in Aros (in Århus), and I was so impressed that I've tried to follow him ever since. As far as I know, Louisiana has some of his work in their permanent exhibitions, but they are not always on show, so if you want to see more of him, you should go to either youtube or his website. Or you can just enjoy the video below:

P.S. This is something new I'm trying - some recommendations of different things that I'm interested in, mainly art, books, musik and such. Hope you will like it!

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