fredag den 28. september 2012


This exhibition was a collaboration between art and science/technique – which is like my favourite things in the world. It contained ‘installations’ from 12 different artists.

Here's a description of my favourite piece, which you unfortunately weren’t allowed to take pictures of. Elias Crespin – ”Plano Flexionante Circular”, 2012:
“Elias Crespin’s brilliant work gracefully moves and floats, as if life had been breathed into it. In reality, the dance is choreographed by computer-controlled motors linked to the slim steel structures by nylon thread. The slow movement of the metal is both supple and subject to turbulence. Waves, distortions, coming together, moving apart: imperceptibly, we go from the disintegration of one form to the birth of another in an infinite movement. Elias Crespin says that his aim, in all his works, is to create a movement that is “fluid, curvilinear, organic and aquatic”. The contemplation of the ballet that is “Plano Flexionate Circular” is proof of this, and an experience both visual and sensorial.”


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hvad hedder udstillingen og hvor er den?

  2. Hej :) Jeg tillader mig lige at svare for Pil, da hun har travlt i en fransk lufthavn! Udstillingen er (desværre) i Paris, og hedder det som indlægget også hedder: Espace Culturel - Louis Vuitton :)