tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012


Last friday I went to the India: Art now and Fashion now exhibition at Arken. I would really recommend it, if you are just a tiny bit interested in other cultures and their perspectives on otherwise normally "westernized" things. I'm especially talking about the fashion part here, since India normally isn't the first country that would pop into my head, when discussing high fashion and couture. Not that I'm not aware that indian couture exists - I just haven't seen it before, so this was a nice chance to see something a bit different from what I normally see, when browsing through fashion magazines etc. Especially this one designer, Manish Aurora (on the pictures below), impressed me with his incredible embroidery and bedazzling - just look at that monkey bag! I just found out that he was appointed as creative director of Paco Rabanne last year as well.

As for the art, it was quite impressing too, although I didn't feel like there was a fulfilling amount of it - it only took us around 45 minutes going through the whole exhibition, and I like to spend a little more time on exhibitions, especially when I'm paying 75 dkk (and that's with a students discount too!) for entrance. All in all, I would recommend you going if you like India and fashion, but be prepared that it's a small exhibition and that you might be left with a feeling of wanting to see just a bit more.

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