lørdag den 20. oktober 2012


I've never been too good at using nail polish. I have a lot, because at some point of my life I had an idea that I would be the nail polish kind of girl, but I never really got to putting the polish on my nails. The thing is, I'm too big a perfectionist when it comes to these kind of things - I hate when it falls of, or I somehow smash my fingers into something before the polish has dryed, ruining the smooth surface, and in the end it's just a bit too difficult to put on, especially if you are as clumsy and impatient as I am. But the other day, I looked down at my hands and thought to myself "those nails would look fine, if they were dark red", you know, the Mia Wallace kind of red, and so, I had broken my habits. Above you'll see some of the polishes that I know will come home with me soon, and I can't wait to walk around glittering and feeling a little pulp fiction-ish.

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