mandag den 8. oktober 2012


Craving this perfume from Henrik Vibskov. It's called "Type C", for Copenhagen, and described like this:

"TYPE C, for Copenhagen – Henrik's homebase and creative cradle – is reminiscent of the salty air and fresh waters experienced on boating trips outside Trekroner fortress at the entrance to Copenhagen’s harbour, the best place to catch herrings.

Fresh and tonic, TYPE C begins with a clear harmony of citrus (bergamot, mandarin, lemon) mixed with an ozonic "sea breeze" accord, marked by salty and solar facets. The drydown is a comfortable woody blend, enriched with the key note of the fragrance, sea weed."

Would have been my next investment, if it wasn't for me moving out, and that being expensive. Maybe it will function as an idea for a christmas present... Are you out there, grandma?

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