onsdag den 16. maj 2012


Bought these two blouses in Gina Tricot the other day - they were on sale, which once again confirmed me in my belief that (luckily for me) all of the best things in there goes on sale. I often walk into the store to find something, but I'm mostly out of there in five minutes; the music's too loud, there's just too many things in crazy ugly colours and bad quality, and I (which I really hate) often find foundation marks on their shirts.

It is possible to find a few nice pieces though (I especially like their jewellery, although the exact same can be found in Topshop), and IMO these are an example of that. The lace looks way more expensive than it was (99 dkk) and the fit is also awesome. All in all, I was satisfied, and I've already worn the blouses more than once; to me, that is a criteria of succes. What are your thoughts about Gina Tricot? I do think they make a nice alternative to the other highstreet shops, but they're definitely not one of my favourite ones.

A nice wednesday to all of you guys!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Fine bluser, de kommer til at gøre sig godt på en sommerdag :)


  2. Tak, det var også min tanke :)

  3. My thoughts about Gina Tricot are pretty much exactly the same.
    Especially the one about the overcrowding of the close, the ugly colors, the horrible quality of the fabric and the fact that all their jewelry are more or less copies of Topshop. Why copy another high-street brand??
    But as you have a nice proof of here, you can find some gems in between. These have a beautiful shape, and the lace looks luxurious and vintage :)


  4. I think the jewellery actually comes from the same manufacturer, and that, that is the reason for them having so much of the same things :) but I do agree with you anyway, it is weird. And thanks! That was my thought as well.