torsdag den 17. maj 2012


A new "category" on this blog will be a "how to" category, mainly dealing with easy and pretty DIY's that you can (obviously) do yourself. I'm starting out with a small and old one, since I'd like to really get some good pictures of the next ones, before blogging about them. So here we go:

This one is about as easy as a pie (never really understood that idiom. Pies are not easy to make! But this still is) and you will only need a stone of your choise, some strong adhesive (preferably made for metals) and some wire. The adhesive is to make sure that the wire will stick, so start with gluing about two cm of the end of it to the stone, and you will be sure that it won't fall off. I'm not going to explain much further about the making of this, since the picture pretty much says it all, but you are welcome to ask in the comments section, if you have some questions. 

Anyhow, stay tuned for the next project; it might not be considered very "fashionable", but it's really cute!

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