søndag den 3. juni 2012


From left to right, upper: 99 dkk, 79 dkk, 199 dkk, 129 dkk - Gina Tricot
From left ro right, bottom: ca. 350 dkk, ca. 250 dkk, ca. 250 dkk, ca. 250 dkk - Topshop

Although I am not really that ready to flash my belly, I am ready for the cropped top trend. I like the summery feel of it, and the fact all of the highstreet shops have so many different options right now. Personally, I'm into the ones with flower prints, but you can also go all denim or maybe something aztec-ish. I'll match it with something highwaisted, so I can be fashionable and 90's, without having to worry about showing of too much.

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