mandag den 4. juni 2012


Living in Denmark, most of you guys probably know that feeling, when the temperature rises, and you decide to take a look at those legs that have been hidden for more than six months, only to be blinded by what must be a completely new shade of white. You know that you have to do something about it, if not to look more human, then just to avoid being a traffic hazard walking around in the city. I actually like being pale and I try to embrace it most of the year, but when my pants go off, I like my legs to look alive, and so, self tanning is my solution. 

Yves Rocher scrub and self tanner - Nivea sun lotion 

I got this self tanning spray from Yves Rocher a couple of months ago, and it has been my best friend ever since; Not only is it probably the easiest product to use, but the colour is very nice as well, and it doesn't leave ugly stains. My earlier problems with self tanning products have always been that they were difficult to use, which caused my skin to get stains, and never an even result. This one is the easiest, as the spray is completely liquid, and as long as you make sure to massage it in and even it out (with your hands), it will look exactly like you got a natural tan. On that note, my sun lotion is also in this picture, because even though I'd like to get a tan (both a fake and a natural one), it is important for me to protect my skin.

Only minor problem is the smell that I find all of the self tanning products have - I can't really figure out what it is, it reminds me of pet food somehow (the dry stuff), but if you're ready to ignore that, (and it's really only noticable if you sniff your skin) I can really recommend this product! It is probably also the first product ever, that I have gotten for free, and still want to buy when I run out of it. Probably the best guarantee I can give you guys!

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