fredag den 22. juni 2012


While we're on the topic, I have just found the perfume of my dreams, in a way that shows me that there must be some kind of shopping karma out there. Half a year ago I got a couple of perfume samples from the brand Six Scents in a goodiebag, and I fell in love with nr.6 "M" made by Ohne Titel & Yann Vasnier. It's described like this:

"Rebellious nights spent up till dawn; dancing, meeting friends and finding love". 

The top note is cardamom, heart notes consist of cedarwood and black plum and in the bottom notes you'll find musk (and other notes, you can read more here). I was in love, but hopelessly, 'cause I couldn't seem to find the perfume anywhere in Denmark, and if I wanted to buy it online, it would cost me around 900 dkk, which I didn't really have the money for. So I saved my sample for special occasions, feeling kind of sad that the perfume of my dreams would probably never become mine. But last week I decided to go to Agency V's sample sale, actually only to look at their clothes, and suddenly it was just standing in front of me, the only one there, and for only 100 dkk. If that isn't incredible, then I don't know what is.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Noooooo!!!! Jeg troede lige, du havde fundet et sted man kunne købe den billigt! Den lyder intet mindre end perfekt, og præcis, hvad jeg leder efter :(
    ps. Hvor fik du invitationen til deres udsalg fra? :D


  2. Det var fantastisk, er ked af ikke at kunne 'give tippet videre'! Er på deres generelle mailingliste, og så var der også et event via facebook :)