søndag den 10. juni 2012


Wanted to showcase one of my favourite necklaces and also this tshirt of mine. Got them both as a birthday present last year and they've been used a lot ever since. I'm normally not into tshirts with print, but this one is special, since the print is almost integrated in the fabric, which is very thin and delicate. The necklace is just to die for; I love huge pieces of jewellery that's a bit off, and this must qualify as that.

Both of them are from the brand All Saints, which is usually not at all my kind of style, but these two things stood out. Today I went to look at their site for the first time, and although I still feel like their clothes are a bit too rock-ish for me, I really, really like their jewellery. Just proves that you probably shouldn't dismiss a brand, just because you don't like their general style, as I've talked about earlier. Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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