tirsdag den 17. juli 2012


There's quite a lot of different arm parties going on out there right now, and I've been wanting to join the game for a while. My only problem is, I can't really seem to find just the perfect combination of all of my jewellery, so I tried to find some inspiration. My conclusion was this; I like my arm parties to be mostly in metals, mostly gold, and I like the different bracelets to be of almost the same size. I'll probably try out something soon, and share with you guys later. What are your favourite arm parties? The colourful ones, or ones like these?

4 kommentarer:

  1. arm parties, hm... I like them in gold and silver, maybe adding little bit color with friendship bracelets by Danni&Jo but otherwise, keeping it clean may help you to choose outfit for a day with arm party. TMR did such a good job with creating a thing like arm party :)


  2. That's also a nice style :) Yeah, she's kind of a comical genius IMO!

  3. Tak - desværre ikke mine egne :)