mandag den 20. august 2012


No posting for a while in here, which is explained by the fact that I'm a bit stressed out; My studies begin on wednesday, I just got an apartment, and summer vacation is almost over, so I took time to enjoy the weather and finish of some projects. I usually get like 30 ideas in a row, so it's hard to get them all finished, and then when I finally am, I get these dry spells where nothing comes up. Irritating, but I guess it's good to take some breaks once in a while. The picture is of one of my projects right now - there's going to be more about it in here, but for now this will function as a tiny teaser. Hope you guys are enjoying the nice weather, and if you (like me) are stuck inside, give this song a listen, it definitely brightened up my day!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Glæder mig sådan til at høre mere! :D Nu har jeg ventet, og ventet, og ventet på forklaringen bag de smukke biller <3 Glæder mig til, at den kommer ^^


  2. Hvor er du sød Caroline! Hurtighed er desværre ikke en af mine styrker, men jeg lover dig at de snart kommer ud ;)