mandag den 31. december 2012


Long time, no see! Hope you guys have had a wonderful christmas, and that your new years eve is going to be awesome. Maybe you have some new years resolutions, that you can't wait to fulfill? I have a few myself:
   After collecting these outfit pictures, to give you a peek of what has been happening in here, it struck me that all of the outfit posts are from this summer. My focus on bringing more art and inspiration sources into the blog has been a succes (IMO), but I see now that I can't completely ignore the fashion blogger I used to be. After all, I really love being inspired by other bloggers, and so I will try to focus a bit more on fashion again. One thing that I find important (I myself think the pictures above fall under that category) is that the pictures I post in here are beautiful to look at as well, and that it isn't only the outfit that is in focus. No "I'm just standing in front of this white wall" pictures for me (unless it's a really pretty wall, you know), but more with beautiful buildings, nature etc.
All in all I'd just like more posting in general. I don't like it when my blog becomes stagnant, but sometimes you just don't have enough time, and I don't want to keep on making trivial posts about nothing, just to have some activity in here. So from now on, I'll take my time to post in here because it's actually something I really like doing, not because I have to. I'd like my blog to be a tiny treasure box, filled with small gems that will inspire you or just make your day a bit more shiny... So, I will end my blabbering now, leaving you with this picture of me that I really like, because it's all "oh you just caught me sitting here on my balcony being all summery and shit"-ish, and also wishing all of you guys a great new year ♥

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  1. Glæder mig til Palette of Ideas anno 2013, og flere outfits, omend jeg også nyder dine kunst-indlæg i den grad!
    og så håber jeg at se en guide til de smukkeste steder at gå turer i København ;)

    Godt nytår

  2. Tak søde Caroline! Og guiden kommer snarest :)!