fredag den 4. januar 2013


After dragging out showing of my drawings in here, I've finally decided to stop being such a perfectionist and just start sharing my things with you guys. This is a drawing I made for one of my friends - he wanted a tattoo of a gorgosaurus fossil, and send me some pictures for inspiration. As you can see, the drawing is almost completely like this picture (although I did have to add some features myself - e.g. the missing arm), so this isn't one of my most creative drawings. Despite of that, I'm still very proud of it - it's not everyday that you get to have something you've made tattooed on another person. As you can probably see, I like my drawings, just as I like art - inspired by nature and natural science. My favourite kind of illustrations are 15th - 19th century natural science illustrations, and therefore I try to make my own drawings as naturalistic as possible. What do you think of this kind of style? I know a lot of other fashion bloggers out there do drawings of models and such - I do that as well, but I thought this would be a bit funnier to show you guys?

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