søndag den 17. februar 2013


I've been in love with QI for years now, and it only just accured to me that I've never written about it in here. QI stands for "Quite Interesting", and to me, it is the perfect kind of television, the kind that functions both as entertainment and education. Questions that seem simple and average are to be answered by the panel of four (almost always) british comedians/celebrities  - but the trick is, that the right answer is usually something completely different than what is commonly thought to be true. For example: How many moons does the earth have? Well, apparently we have two. In that way, you get to laugh your pants off, while actually learning a lot of interesting facts. British comedy seems to be a hit in Denmark, so if you like things like "Peep Show", "The Office" etc., you'll probably enjoy this one as well. I've put in the episode about fashion in this post, but all of the other episodes can be found on youtube, or seen on BBC Entertainment almost everyday around 10 o' clock. Enjoy!

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