torsdag den 21. februar 2013


A picture from the Apparatjik concert in Berlin

One of my favourite bands, Apparatjik, are finally coming to Copenhagen! It will be their first real show (apart from the on at Roskilde Festival) in DK, and you'll be able to see them at Statens Museum for Kunst (the national gallery of Denmark) on the 3rd of May! I'm not going to say to much about their style, because it's really hard to explain what kind of music they make, but if you're into Mew or electronic music, I'm sure you will like this as well. But you shouldn't just come for the music - they put on a great show too, almost something like an art installation. The band plays inside of a box on which different films are projected, whilst a lightshow is going on inside the box, therefore projecting their shadows out on the walls. Last time I saw this perfomance was also in a museum (in Berlin), where the box was placed in the middle of the room, so everybody could watch the show, without having to stand on their toes. It was a truly awesome experience, and I would recommend going to anyone who's just a bit interested in music and art. The tickets are 315 dkk, and are available at You can listen to more from Apparatjik right here or visit their website.

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